Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Going back to Cali!

We are heading to California! Of course it couldn't have come at a more busy time of the year for me but the trip is to celebrate two very special friends' 50th birthdays and 25th wedding anniversary. How cute is it that they are married 25 years and their birthdays are one day apart! They have invited about 30 plus people to the Calistoga Ranch in Napa. I have never been there but it looks amazing and the itinerary sounds like a blast. Thought I would share some Calistoga Ranch with you all as I had to research it for myself. We are also heading to San Francisco for a couple days before hand so don't forget to follow me on Instagram and catch some fun images! Will try to post while I am away but not sure how crazy the schedule will be so please don't run away, come back and check in for the new post. Cheers all! To see more of the Ranch go HERE.

One final word I must pay respect to one of my favorite designers and true Icon Oscar De La Renta the design world lost a great man of inspiration and creativity-RIP.

The little care package from my dear friend Wendy to welcome us to the trip. She is one creative lady!

Okay first I am doing is hitting this shower!!

We will be eating at the Wine Cave, cannot wait!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A New York Minute - West Village!

I have had quite a hectic past week and it definitely took a toll on my blogging! Run down was as follows :lunch at The Enchanted Home, meetings, painting pumpkins, installing art show,  planning front  porch landscaping, ORC,  shopping for Napa, and finally a trip to NYC for my sisters Birthday!
Im winded how about you!  
I went to a crazy, fun and slightly risque play in the Village yesterday called The Money Shot. My sister who is also my design partner  dabbles in screenplays and loves off broadway plays with relevant subject matter and great writing! This one hit it for sure. Current, witty, controversial and actors all good looking! If you are open minded this is a must see.
We also hit a fun restaurant  for lunch that included warm blankets for outside seating. We shopped at some stores and finished off the day with a great cup of coffee and of course "treats!!  Here a few suggestions when doing the West Village, enjoy.

You should have seen us bundled up like little old ladies! Eat at The Quarter!

Again discretion is advised but this cover doesn't happen in the play so dont worry!

Then I was so cold that I had to buy a coat! So I went to a lovely store on Bleecker where the sales staff couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. I will make it my regular from now on!

Comptoir Des Cotonniers

My new coat!

My friend Lynn's new coat!

My dream coat!!

The cutest coat! Definitely hit this store when shopping on Bleecker!

The rest are just West Village must shops!!



Try the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookie!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

ORC the Waiting Game!

Well, besides painting the pieces white which are coming along fine, I am waiting for rug, hardware, and dressers!! All were suppose to be in stock but low and behold we are in a waiting pattern. My daughter also threw a monkey wrench into the equation by telling me she really wants touches of dark brown in the room and does not like the art I picked! It was her photo of ballerinas that she did in class that I love and of course now she wants nothing to do with it..  so back to the drawing board!
Ah the perils of parenthood!  Here is were I am at now waiting, debating and painting.  I love how everyone else's ORC challenges are turning out, you should all really be proud there is such talent in this world and we should all give each other a pat on the back!