Friday, July 18, 2014

Beyond The Irish Cottage!

I am so happy to be a part of Anita's linking party! She is so creative and fun that I decided to do something a bit different with my post, so bear with me as I try to be creative! Or at least try to fake it!

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Here is an Ode to a beauty beyond the Irish cottage....

In a land far and away that remains green ever still...

Beyond the Irish Cottage hidden up on a hill, she sits all alone..

The manor home Coolclogher with a beauty all of her own.

Travel up the lane..

To a door that beckons you to enter..

The history revealed simply adds to her splendor.

From windows to walls covered with vine, you are instantly transported to a place back in time.

The grounds call on one to wander through fields of lovely green..

With mountains in the distance there is so much that remains to be seen.

So if an adventure in Kilarney sounds like something you want to do, then the amazing Coolclogher house will surely welcome you!

If interested in renting this lovely estate contact Mary - HERE!

Tell her I sent you, cheers!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Home With Italian Heritage!

This home located in Lodi approximately 25 miles south of Milan is steeped in local heritage.  Designer Paolo Badesco truly paid attention to the family's love of time spent in Northern Europe and respect of the local surrounding and nature.  Resident Franco Bergamaschi and his family wanted to be faithful to the original characteristics of his second home yet felt the need to infuse it with influences of the their time traveling.  It is serene and calm yet filled with texture and wonderful art that lend warmth to a monochromatic space. I love the flooring throughout and the wood ceilings they play well off of each other.  I think you will agree that one can can be filled with ideas about accessorizing and architecture after viewing this lovely country home. Enjoy! Credit-Elle Decoration:Country

Monday, July 14, 2014

Paula Parkinson Is A Drama Queen!

In all seriousness Designer Paula Parkinson of Augustus Brandt Antiques has created the more incredible home within a 15th Century House and is is full of the most beautiful DRAMA! This lovely abode is in Normandy and was a pain staking 10 year renovation project by Antique Dealer and Designer Paula Parkinson and her husband Steven. It is utterly enchanting and of course filled with antiques that make one swoon. Well, once again Elle Decoration Country has provided another gorgeous country home to drool over, enjoy! For more about this incredible antique dealer and decorator see here!